*sees dog while in the car*

*turns around in seat to watch dog until its out of sight* 


i hate that im sensitive and jealous and stupid and quiet and ugly and annoying 

Emma Stone in Birdman Press Conference (October, 18)


i feel like i annoy literally everyone i talk to

You know, it’s just a matter of time. The soul is willing but the flesh is weak. 


Hum Hallelujah // Fall Out Boy


me in high school: omg cant wait for college
me in college: omg cant wait for the 10 years between retirement and the cold embrace of the grave

Because he’s all I ever knew of love


*pretends to be mentally stable*


Then I decide to be quiet instead of explaining what I actually wanted to say.

[Tate] loves Violet and that’s a great thing…that’s a really great thing. But he’s also a psychotic murderer and you can’t really love people like that ‘cause they’re dangerous and they need help. Ya know, steer clear of that. But look for a guy who loves you like Tate loves Violet. —Evan Peters (Tampa Comic Con Panel)


I’m glad people can’t read my mind cause all they’d be hearing is me saying lmao to myself